How a Mobile App Developer Can Drive Your Business Growth

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Over 60% of people access the internet using a mobile device. This percentage will only increase down the line. 

The number of mobile internet users is close to 4 billion. 

If you are wondering why you need an app, targeting this immense audience should be reason enough. 

The numbers clearly show the value businesses can generate by investing in an app. Still, some owners express hesitation about the need for a business app. 

Earlier, this attitude also delayed the adoption of responsive web design – to the great detriment of companies that didn’t jump on board. 

So, should you consider getting in touch with a mobile app developer? 

A simple Google search for “app developers near me” will bring you a plethora of options. 

However, before you make a decision about getting an app for your business, you need to understand the value an app can offer.

Don’t rush into anything without a clear understanding of the business growth prospects that you can unlock by building an app. 

The Importance of Using Mobile App for Business Growth

As mentioned, the majority of people use their mobile devices to access the internet. 

However, what that number doesn’t show is that mobile device users spend considerably more time on apps than websites. 

Research shows that on average, people spend 90% of their time using apps when they are on a mobile device.

This makes it clear that you have more value to gain by hiring a mobile app developer than by relying on a responsive website to drive business. 

In addition, you can generate 400% greater engagement with mobile apps than through a website. 

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to rely solely on a responsive site to boost engagement and sales, which are crucial for business growth.

Advantages of Mobile Apps for Business

Let’s explore some of the ways your business could benefit from a mobile app.

Make Your Business Accessible

The average user spends a multiple hours each day using their phone or tablet, and the vast majority of that is on apps. 

A well made app, created by a talented developer, can help you get your message across to your target audience. 

A suitable app will allow potential and existing customers to interact with your business on the go. With the rapid pace of modern life, this level of accessibility will undoubtedly bolster sales and, ultimately, business growth. 

In fact, some businesses go even further, letting users make purchases directly via their app. This is particularly useful for businesses that offer products and services over the internet. 

Engage in Direct Marketing

There is a constant exchange of information between your customers and your brand when you have an app up and running. 

You can uncover statistics about the demographics and locations of your users, along with other metrics. 

These numbers give you a clear picture of the audience your app is attracting. 

The information is especially useful when combined with user behavior patterns. 

Using these insights, you can tailor your marketing strategy to suit your audience and employ direct marketing tactics. 

Extraction of data is one of the key benefits of mobile apps, increasing your chances of generating more sales. 

Offer Value

Mobile apps are a great means of providing information to your customers. However, you can offer greater value by sharing offers or running programs using your app. 

For instance, you can incorporate a loyalty program into your app. Customers enjoy being able to track their points and explore the rewards on offer through the app. 

You can also send them notifications regarding discounts or any other offers you are running. You can even send targeted alerts when you think something would appeal to a certain subsection of your clientele. 

In some cases, your customers might even head to your store upon receiving some news through the app. 

Build Your Brand

Did you know that building your brand is easier via a mobile app than by any other conventional means of marketing? 

Build an app that works perfectly and is visually appealing, and you are likely to generate social marketing. It’s no secret that people recommend apps that they like to their social circle.

Thus, if you do it right, you will be able to attract more people than you are directly targeting. 

Hiring a capable mobile app developer is important so that you can create a functional and user-friendly app that gets shared. 

Boost Engagement

Customers today expect the brands seeking their business to be accessible. 

If you don’t have an app and your competitor does, they stand a good chance of being able to attract more customers via their mobile presence. 

You can increase customer engagement by offering an app that provides valuable information. 

You can also add features such as messaging systems where customers can ask questions and receive direct responses. 

Customers today expect a personalized experience, and for that, an app is essential. 

Make an Impression

The reputation of your business relies heavily on the quality of its online presence. 

You may not realize this, but things as simple as the speed at which your app loads can have a profound impact on your image. 

These factors help determine your trustworthiness and reliability in the eyes of your customers. 

An app that is great to look at, easy to use, and loads quickly will impress users and boost engagement. 

It also demonstrates that you are a progressive, forward-thinking company. 

Therefore, creating an app can help you make a favorable impression on potential and existing customers. 

In the process, you can also enhance your reputation.

Foster Loyalty

Even customers who have a great first experience with your business might not return to your store to make another purchase. 

Fostering loyalty takes serious effort on the part of the business. With an app, you can maintain constant engagement with your customers, reminding them that your business offers quality products or services. 

Moreover, when you share offers and rewards with your customers, they are more likely to consider making a purchase. 

Experienced app developers can add features to your app that improve overall engagement.

Build a Social Media Presence

You can add social media buttons and other features in your app. Let customers share updates about your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. 

This way, you can leverage their networks of contacts and gain more exposure. 

Your customers are more likely to engage with your business on social media if they can do so through your app. 

For example, you could provide an option to initiate a chat in Facebook Messenger directly from your app. 

These integrations make communication more convenient and give your users a more positive impression.

Create a Strong Mobile Presence

Business owners often wonder if a mobile website is sufficient to develop a strong presence. 

With an app, you can boost this presence. The app doesn’t serve as an alternative to a responsive website design. 

Rather, it complements your website, enabling you to attract customers via two different channels. 

Even the best mobile websites do not encourage customers to get in touch the way an app can. 

For a real sense of on-the-go approachability, you need to work with a mobile app developer. 

Expand Your Reach

As of 2018, more than 4 billion people are mobile internet users. That number will only continue to increase as the world goes digital. 

Since mobile users spend the majority of their time on apps, creating an app for your business lets you reach a wider audience. 

According to Google, the sales pathway for 30% of customers started with app interactions. 

And this figure is from five years ago; with the rise of mobile technology, the rates would almost certainly be much higher today. 

Imagine the potential you could unlock by investing in a mobile app for your business that was accessible by billions. 

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

So there you have it, an overview of the reasons mobile applications are a must-have for competitive businesses today. 

Mobile apps provide flexibility and convenience for customers, and your business will benefit from investing in an app as well. The catch is that it is important that you do it right. 

You need to find a mobile app developer who has the skills to execute your project and enough insight into your business to make the best design decisions. 

To make the right choice, you need an understanding of what mobile app development skills will benefit your project. 

Obviously, you want to hire a mobile app developer with the experience and expertise to design the right app for you. 

This is where it can come in handy to investigate what your competitors have been doing. A good starting point is to check out existing apps in your niche. 

Determine what impresses you in terms of their look and feel. Then you can hire pro developers, share with them your the data of your research and ask them to develop the app for you. 

Of course, you also have to consider your mobile app development budget. 

Finding the right developer can prove a challenge. You don’t want to make the wrong call and end up with an app that makes your company look bad. 

Feeling overwhelmed with the choices?  You can simply opt for Breakthrough, a company with a whole team of mobile app geeks. 

Breakthrough developers have over two decades of experience with a great track record. Get them on board to discuss your needs.

The bottom line is that there are many reasons to create an app for your business. 

Hire the right mobile app developer and you will see a noticeable impact on your sales and revenue. 

Eventually, you will be able to boost profitability, leading to sustainable success for your business!

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