Pay Per Click (PPC)

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PPC Ads & Management

We help strategize and focus your marketing on the latest search and social media platforms to ensure that your advertisement budget goes far.

Pay-Per-Click is a method of internet marketing where the advertising business pays a trivial fee every time one of their ads is clicked. Instead of paying a set amount to advertise in hopes that someone will click to your website, PPC instead charges per click essentially buying website visits. PPC works using keywords that advertising businesses can “bid” on, and every time that keyword is used or searched their ad would show up. While the simple explanation can fit into one sentence, having your business appear first requires more than the power of the dollar. Successful PPC marketing campaigns must be carefully managed and well planned out. This is where we come in..

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What Do We Deliver?

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Google Ads

The largest PPC ad source, Google Ads (formally known as Google AdWords) allows its user to show up on keyword related searches, and other related Google advertising platforms. Google ranks ad placement by not only considering the highest bid per keyword but also based on quality content which is most relatable to the keyword used.

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PPC Keyword Research

To make your dollar go as far as possible, we research, refine and grow your keyword list. This list must also be tailored and researched on a monthly basis to ensure that it evolves at the pace of the market your business is in. Because this helps keep lower cost, higher value keywords on the front-line of your business advertising campaign.

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PPC Keyword Budgeting

We balance your PPC keyword ‘spend’ to ensure that the bulk of your monthly budget is going towards keywords that are a balance between low cost, and high conversion. This involves doing a brief analysis on keyword performance each month, exploring conversion rate, and adjusting ‘spend’ based on this criteria.