Preparing Your Business for the Digital Future

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While it’s not likely the Coronavirus will be the end of the world, it’s no surprise that it will be a major setback for unprepared businesses. Experts say, “it is expected that a COVID-19 vaccine will take 12 to 18 months to develop and manufacture, and even then it may not be effective.” This will be a transformative time for the world, propelling us into the digital future faster than many companies are prepared to go.

We’ve always known how useful digital development can be, but recent events have led business owners and digital developers to stretch their imaginations, innovating new ways to virtually manage employees, attract the attention of consumers, and deliver quality services without anyone having to leave their front door. This year you can expect to see a lot more virtual event platforms, real-time video interaction on websites, and changes in the ways employees are managed.

Prepare for the Digital Future With These Helpful Tips 

Use Videos to Your Advantage 

Videos are an amazing tool that scores high in media richness. Add a short “thank you for shopping with us” video at checkout or a “welcome to the page” video that conveys your values and directs people in need of help to a chat box. Companies that go a step further than chat boxes and integrate real time video chats will see higher levels of repeat customers as their customer loyalty grows stronger.  Either way, pairing a smiling face next to your logo transfers warmth to your brand. During these isolated times, people will be craving interaction, take the leap forward and provide virtual intimacy early on. 

Bring Customer Service to New Heights

Is your restaurant now delivering? Pair unique codes with online orders allowing consumers to login and see their food being prepared. Showing the level of cleanliness and care that went into preparing meals can significantly decrease the worry of health concerns. Visual elements bring comfort, especially during times of social distancing. Introduce a virtual tour of your shop online, or integrate real time mockups of custom designs. Are you in the fitness industry? Start streaming classes online. Offer consultations where members can discuss their weight and health concerns in private online video chat sessions. There are millions of ways to give your visitors a unique online experience that sets you apart from competitors.

Streamline Employee Management 

Managing virtual employees takes a little bit of time to master, but it is certainly achievable. Once the right systems are in place, you can do anything from training, to payroll digitally. Automation services will make you aware of individual progress as well as the status on project timelines. It’s also helpful to do group meetings virtually, where your team can see each other, people can be held accountable, and be reminded that company production is always a result of a team effort. Many project management sites are not suited to carry such high levels of traffic. Integrading backends into your website with employee logins and secure data storage can go a long way in terms of digital security, and software performance. Companies will need to rely on virtual events to foster community among employees.

Consumers are sure to take note of companies making adjustments in times of need. Now more than ever, it’s important that companies develop their websites in a way that promotes accessibility while welcoming high levels of interaction. It would be naive to think the world will be back to normal in a few weeks. Innovation is the only way to adjust to the new norms of the digital future, let’s set your business up for success.

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