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Design, Reimagined.

In a world of endless clicking and scrolling, having eye-catching content is imperative to earning the attention of customers. We create an image for your business that goes beyond words.

The subject of Web Design is one of the most crucial aspects of any website, yet also one of the most overlooked. The design of your website delivers more than just information to your potential clients, it delivers a feeling. Impressive and simple to use design is PROVEN to GREATLY increase the conversion rate of visitors. At BreakThruWeb we offer unlimited revisions to the website design of your web page until you are satisfied with the look.

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What Do We Deliver?

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Best On Any Device

We make sure your website appears the way it should on any device.

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We ensure the page is structured in a way that is easy for a visitor to navigate through, and each menu item is linked to the correct corresponding page.

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Content & Visual

From the largest elements of a webpage, to the smallest we spend the time to custom fit every part of a web page together. From Background image and special effects, to font type and background colors we put together a seemless reflection of your business that is consistent and tasteful.

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Uniform Branding

From Home Page to About Us we create an image that sets you apart from the competition, and subconsciously embeds your business brand into the minds of your visitors.

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Adapting Short Attention Span Content

Research shows the average attention span fell from 13 seconds in 2000, to a low of 7 seconds in 2018. This means your page needs to say more in less time to retain the attention of visitors.

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Interactive Content

Capturing and retaining the attention of visitors in today’s microwavable society is difficult, but our creative minds get it done. Your website design is the vehicle that transports information about your business to the minds of the visitor. Setting yourself apart from the gray blur of the thousands of competitors out there is imperative to success.